Growing Your Faith and Relationships with Others
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About Faith Collective

Faith Collective is a free online resource given to you by Trinity Baptist Church and designed to provide support and information for you as an individual or for you to use as curriculum for a small group study. These resources address: Parenting, Marriage, Aging, Personal Financial Management, Health and Healing, Ministries, Bible study/Discipleship, and Worship/Prayer. Resources on this site will continue to grow.

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Bible Study/ Discipleship

Enrich your faith relationship with God


These resources can help you learn the basics of financial management.

Faith and Military Life

Becoming active in a faith community can be a huge blessing to members of a military family.


Find resources to enrich your marriage.


Vibrant ministries are happening in San Antonio and around the world. Learn from these resources.

Worship/ Prayer

As we worship may God transform our lives into instruments of God´s love and grace.


Find resources to enhance your parenting skills.

Health and Healing

Being healthy includes physical, emotional, and mental health. Learn from these resources.

Faith in the Workplace

Where do you go for direction, insight, and vision?