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About Faith Collective Groups

Faith Collective is a free tool designed to help you grow your relationship with Christ and with others. If you are passionate about being a disciple of Christ, you need support for family, parenting, marriage, and other relationships, or you need help with recovery, financial management, aging, or other life stage issues, Faith Collective provides resources for you.

In addition to providing resources for individuals, throughout the year we offer online small groups. Therefore, if you enjoy learning in relationship with others, we encourage you to sign up and receive updates about new Small Groups being offered throughout the year.

By completing the following survey regarding new groups, you will enable us to create new Small Groups that are right for you. We appreciate your feedback!

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Faith Collective Small Group Calendar


October 23- November 17, 2017

Knowing and Living God’s Will

By Pastor Les Hollon

Sometimes knowing and living God’s Will is about obeying what we already know.  Other times it is about taking time to listen, seeking wise counsel, deepening our relationship with God so we have greater awareness of how God wants to work in our life.   This study is designed to help us grow in understanding of how to know and live God’s Will and God’s best hope for our lives.

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