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Faith Collective is a free online resource designed to help you grow as a Christ follower and grow in your relationships with others.   If you need support in the areas of family, parenting, marriage, aging, personal financial management, leadership, health, recovery, or other life issues, Faith Collective provides a growing number of resources to support you.

In addition, throughout the year we offer online small groups. Therefore, if you enjoy learning in relationship with others, we encourage you to sign up and receive updates about new Small Group opportunities.


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April 16- May 11, 2018

Stretch and Strengthen Your Prayer Life

By Nancy Abbot

Unfortunately, there are many individuals that have not had the opportunity, the practice, or the basic explanation for how to utilize prayer as a spiritual resource for connecting oneself and others to God. In this series Nancy Abbott, Chaplain of the Greater YMCA of San Antonio, addresses four common circumstances in which prayer can be a powerful resource.  She encourages and models how we can all claim prayer as a tool for our lives.



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