The topic of Aging matters. It matters when parts of our body need to be replaced. It matters when we are in a dimly lit restaurant trying to order food while holding a candle or the light on our cell phone next to the menu. It matters when our spouse can’t hear what we are saying or we begin to miss out on conversations and try to fake it, or talk too loud, or talk too soft.  Aging matters when family or friends no longer want us to make a road trip alone, or when they start talking about hiding our car keys or selling our car. It matters when it becomes physically too much to take care of a house or a yard and it matters when we become confused and secretly worry we may have dementia or we can no longer manage our finances.

Aging matters when we are overwhelmed by all we have collected and need to do something with both our treasures and our junk. It matters when we need to make big decisions in order to stretch our financial resources over an unknown life span. If we live long enough, matters related to aging become very real! This ordinary human process of aging serves as an invitation for us to go deeper and grow more dependent on God. Please contact us if you wish to recommend additional video resources for this purpose.