Not all of the following groups are currently being offered. However, you can view the videos in "Resources." Please contact us if you would like one of the groups offered sooner than later.

In this video Christopher Mack helps us understand how the book The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile can help us grow in knowledge of ourselves, deepen our compassion for others, and enrich our faith relationship with God.


Knowing and Living God's Will by Les Hollon

This study is designed to help us grow in understanding of how to know and live God’s Will and God’s best hope for our lives.

God Wants to Put Women in Their Place by Hardy Clemons

Rev. Hardy Clemons challenges us to “listen to the creativity of the Holy Spirit who is leading us beyond any sort of pettiness, into the fullness of God’s ministry” that includes anyone who puts God first in their lives and finds a way to be one of God’s ministers.

Releasing Your Grasp by Priscilla Shirer

Some of the reason that we do not experience the more that God has for us is that our hands are so full of what we want that there is no room left for what He wants.

Loving God with All Your Heart by Nancy Lodes

What keeps you from loving God with all your heart? Is it unhealthy relationships, adversity, materialism, pain from the past...? These sessions will help you anchor your identity with Christ.

Virtue: Forming Habits for Excellent Living by Pastor Les

While on earth Christ embodied the virtues we find in The Beatitudes.  We too can learn from Christ’s life and develop these “holy habits” that will help us to be more like Christ.

Faith as the Path to Transformation by Gaye Litton

This study explores the power of the word of God and how it can forever change our lives. Join us as we learn how to live victorious lives with Christ.