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What is Faith Collective (FC) ?

Faith Collective is an interactive website with video-enhanced resources developed to serve individuals and families. These free educational videos are available to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From these online videos we develop curriculum for small groups, including online small groups for anyone with Internet access. In addition to groups for Bible study and faith development, these resources and groups provide help for Parenting, Marriage, Aging, Health, Personal Finances, Leadership, Worship and Prayer.     

How do Faith Collective (FC) Online Small Groups Work?

FC Small Groups are free and open to adults of all ages from any geographical location.  Most are scheduled to last 3-4 weeks in duration.   

Each small group has resources designed to address a specific topic.  Most of these resources are in the form of videos; however, written materials will sometimes be included.

On the start date for the group, once registration has ended, the group will be closed for private group discussion facilitated by a leader.  Each week participants will be asked to view or read one or more of their resources that will help further group discussion.

The leader/facilitator is a very important part of the small group experience, as he or she will encourage participants to discuss what they have heard, seen, or read and to also share from the participants’ personal experience.  The facilitator will ensure that the discussion environment feels safe, inclusive, and growth producing.

How Can I Know When a FC Small Group is Available?

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates.

To see what small groups are currently offered go to our homepage,  http://faithcollective.org/ and scroll to the bottom to see the list of Small Groups currently available.

How Can I Join A Small Group?

You can join a small group simply by registering through the email notification or:

1.) go to:www.faithcollective.org, & log onto the site

2.) Go to “ Groups” and scroll to the bottom.

3.) Select the available small group

NOTE: Small Groups are limited to 20 participants plus the group facilitator.

To join a particular online small group you will first need to logon to the FC website and then go to the homepage of the small group you wish to join.  Click on “JOIN” and within 12 hours you will receive a confirmation email letting you know you have been added to the group.

The day prior to the first day of the group all registered participants will receive an email with instructions for the first day of the group.

IMPORTANT: Because you have been given 1 of a limited number of spots, and because group dialogue is an important part of the learning process, it is important that you plan on being an active online participant and not just a silent observer.   

Do I Need Any Additional Resources to Participate in a FC Online Small Group?

When you register for a small group you will be advised about any additional materials that will be needed.  In most cases all group materials will be free and available at Faith Collective.  However, occasionally you will be asked to purchase a book, which you can do online or at a preferred bookstore.

How can I share my print and media resources with the Faith collective community?

If you have specific resources that you believe would make a great addition to the FC Resources and you are willing to share, please email: vhollon@trinitybaptist.org

Problems with small group registration?

After you register you will receive an activation email asking to “complete the activation of your account.” After clicking on the link your account will be automatically activated. If after clicking the link you see an ugly red box that says “Invalid Activation Key” your account is still active and you can still login with the password you already created and sign up for any small group on http://faithcollective.org.

Thank you for visiting Faith Collective. Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at vhollon@trinitybaptist.org or call us on (210) 733-6201