Faith Collective Small Group Calendar


January 15- January 31, 2018

Work-Life Balance

By Sandy Morander

While this 2-part video series goes by the name, “Work-Life Balance” Sandy encourages us to drop the word “balance” and instead seek to find the best rhythm that works for your particular life stage and circumstances. The study explores what it means to take a holistic approach to our lives that begins with care for ourselves, that will then enable us to care for others. Sandy talks about the importance of setting your family up for healthy lifetime habits that include food/meal times, playing together, and sleep. While recognizing that families are often over scheduled and struggle to find quality time together, Sandy offers encouragement and options that can help parents lead by example.


February 12- February 28, 2018

Faith as a Road to Transformation

By Gaye Litton

This study for seekers and new believers explores the power of the word of God and how it can forever change our lives. Join us as we learn how to live victorious lives with Christ.


April 16- May 11, 2018

Stretch and Strengthen Your Prayer Life

By Nancy Abbot

In this series “Stretch and Strengthen Your Prayer Life” Nancy Abbott, Chaplain of the Greater YMCA of San Antonio, addresses four common circumstances in which prayer can be a powerful resource. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that have not had the opportunity, the practice, or the basic explanation for how to utilize prayer as a spiritual resource for connecting oneself and others to God.


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