Not all of the following groups are currently being offered. However, you can view the videos in %22Resources.%22 Please contact us if you would like one of the groups offered sooner than later.
Faith Development in Children & Youth By Debbie Potter

From birth through adolescence children and youth are growing in ways that can form a foundation for their faith in God.  Learn how we as parents, family members and congregations can help foster that faith.

5 Signs of a Healthy Family by Gary Chapman

Using Paul’s letter in Ephesians Dr. Chapman talks about what a “healthy” God-centered family looks like.

Top 5 Mistakes Adults Make With Kids and Tips for Turning Resistance into Cooperation! by Lori Petro

Learn to connect emotionally with our child so we do not harm their emotional development.  “Misbehavior is an emotional reaction, not a willful conscious choice to cause trouble.”

Parenting Tips for Toddlers: 5 Essential Rules for Communicating With Young Children by Lori Petro

It's important that we remember the sensitive stages of development and choose to work WITH our kid.  Learn more about 5 essential rules for communicating with young children.

Manage Difficult Behaviors With Three Magic Words by Lori Petro

These three words will invite connection, soothe distress and build a bridge to understanding while upholding the message that the limits are non-negotiable.

Raising Kids in a World of Technology by Andrea Duke

This series will address the impact technology has on your children and how to guide and protect them in relationship building and communication with peers, along with addressing issues such as cyberbullying and maintaining healthy self-esteem in light of social media.

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