Freed From Addiction by Nangie Lowrie

“Addiction knows no boundaries, it is sneaky and it can impact anybody living today.” Nangie Lowrie was raised in a loving family and in a caring faith community.  She had ambition and dreams for her life like any other young person. However, when her life took an unexpected turn and she started drinking to fill a void and it became apparent she was an alcoholic – to others, but not to her! While in 1988 she found unconditional love in the ministries of Alpha Home (San Antonio, TX.) she continued on a hard journey to learn that she had a disease, to accept God’s forgiveness, and ultimately to forgive herself; which set her free to move forward! Nangie reminds us all, “it takes courage to look in your heart and say, ‘I need help.’  There are lots of people willing to pray and walk with you.”