Jessica Lahey

Jessica Lahey

Jessica Lahey is an educator, speaker, and writer. She has been an English, Latin, and writing teacher in middle and high school for over a decade, writes the biweekly Parent-Teacher Conference advice column for the New York Times, is a contributing writer at the Atlantic, and appears as a commentator on Vermont Public Radio.

Summertime Parenting

Tips on supporting your teenagers in the summer.

Changing the Odds

Jessica Lahey simplifies complex cognitive neuroscience and pedagogy, making the case that children learn and develop best when they are given autonomy, allowed to feel competent and valued for the content of their character rather than the letters on their report card. She also provides actionable recommendations to help parents (and the educators that work with them) reframe children’s temporary setbacks as beneficial steps toward lasting, longer-term success.

Grades VS Goals: Make Your Home a Grade Free Zone!

Your kids are getting enough pressure in school regarding grades.  At home try encouraging them to set goals.

Middle School A Great Time To Fail

Middle school is a set up. Kids that age don’t have the “executive function.” So why not embrace that and help them come up with problem solving strategies?

The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed

Jessica Lahey, teacher and author of The Gift of Failure, encourages parents and teachers to nurture resiliency in children. “We want confidence paired with experience – experience actually getting stuff done, actually doing stuff, trying, failing, trying again,” she explains.