Knowing and Living God’s Will by Pastor Les

Sometimes knowing and living God’s Will is about obeying what we already know. Other times it is about taking time to listen, seeking wise counsel, deepening our relationship with God so we have greater awareness of how God wants to work in our life.

Understanding and Living God’s Will By Pastor Les Hollon

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In this study Pastor Les reminds us that the things that have either been done to us or by us that should never have happened do not have the power to defeat God or to defeat us if we place them in God’s hands.

Video 1

  • Are there hurtful or disappointing things that have happened in your life that you have not yet turned over to God?
  • What disappointing or hurtful things have you experienced that you have turned over to God?  What difference has that made?
  • Are there areas in your life where you have gotten stuck?
  • In Lesley Weatherhead’s classic book on God’s Will he talks about the different natures of God’s Will.  How do these descriptions of God’s Intentional, Circumstantial, and Ultimate Will influence your understanding of how God has worked in your life?

Video 2

  • Regarding the importance of being in community and how people in our lives can help us learn about ourselves. What insights have you gained about yourself based on the feedback of honest and loving people who know you?
  • Pastor Les suggests that we need to organize the resources of our lives so that they are available to help us live our best life. To what degree are you using the resources you have been given to live God’s best for you.
  • One way to confirm your spiritual gifts/talents is by the amount of energy you gain or lose when you use your gift.  What gift or talent give you energy when using it?
  • Soren Kierkegaard is known for saying “Life is lived forward, but understood backward.”  Looking back on your life, what lessons has God taught you that you can now apply?
  • The acronym CSS is one that Pastor Les made up to stand for Confirming Signs of the Spirit.  When have you received a Confirming Sign of the Spirit (CSS) that you felt God had sent you and how did you respond to it?

Video 3

  • In reading scripture we can receive wisdom from God that can help us live our best life.  To what degree do you spend time studying the Bible to understand God’s Will for your life?
  • Romans 12: 2 challenges us to not confirm to the pattern of this world but to be transformed to God’s Will.  In what areas of your life do you feel most tempted to conform to the world?

Video 4

  • In addition to our own prayers, we need people in our lives who will pray for us. Do you have a group of people that pray regularly for you?
  • There is a lot about the Will of God that we already know.  For instance, to feed the hungry, care for the sick, the Golden Rule to treat others as we want to be treated … When we do the part of God’s Will that we already know it will help us to understand the Will of God that we do not yet know.  What is it you already know about God’s Will?
  • When we pray we open our body, mind, and spirit to experience God – we experience God’s presence.  To what degree are you taking advantage of Prayer as a means to experience and know God?

Video 5

  • Prayer is listening to the one who created us, sustains us, and seeks to provide our best pathway forward. What have you learned from God when praying?
  • Jesus used fasting and prayer as a way of preparing to launch his ministry.  Have you ever used fasting and prayer as a way to prepare for a big experience or receive insight for your future?  If so, what happened?
  • Sometimes when the moments of are life are the darkest God may be preparing to do His best work through us.  Have you experienced this in your life?

Video 6

  • Spiritual wisdom teaches us when to act and when to wait.  If we don’t act on what we know then we are not positioned to see what is around the bend.  Have there been times in your life when you believe God wanted you to act but you did not? IF so, what have you done since then to prevent that from happening?
  • God wills that the best come from our lives.  It is our responsibility to not get stuck by old paradigms or ways of thinking that may prevent us from boldly living God’s Will. Are there ways that you have become stuck in old ways of thinking that you suspect are keeping you from living boldly?  What will it take to help you move forward in God’s Will?
  • Understanding God’s Will may require us to break from familiar or even unhealthy habits in order to see something new.  What habits do you have that might need to be changed in order for you to reorient your life and draw closer to God’s Will?