Meals on Wheels Ministry by Pam Jackson and Pat Coventry

Meals on Wheels serves virtually every community in America by providing one nourishing hot meal to identified clients Monday-Friday.  It is an incredible mission, however, they could not fulfill this goal without the contributions of thousands of volunteers, including members of Trinity Baptist Church.  In 2002 Trinity purchased a small pickup truck dedicated to this ministry and still today five teams of 2 volunteers faithfully serve approximately 10 homes a hot nutritious lunch (and some breakfasts) on a regular assigned route.  This ministry is a mutual blessing as volunteers experience the joy of connecting with homebound individuals who may not have had any other contact that day with the outside world.  Depending on the individual’s circumstances volunteers have been none to purchase treats for client’s dogs, on Monday s or Tuesdays they often also take a small vase of flowers repurposed from fresh flowers in the sanctuary the previous Sunday.  The love of the church is always communicated with these extra gifts and the warm conversations and smiles from the volunteers.  This ministry is a true blessing in our community and to our church.