Writing Down the Spirit by Jeff Cowart

Writing Down the Spirit is a 2-part video by journalist, author, and writing coach, Jeff Cowart. In addition, two excellent resources are recommended for additional study. As the leader of the Trinity Writers Group Jeff encourages all of us to tap into our deep reserves and capture our true thoughts. In his 1st video Jeff addresses why many of us are afraid to write. When we were young, using our imagination to capture and tell stories came naturally but unfortunately it was drummed out of us by critics at home, at school, etc. We are encouraged to just write without worry about structure and the rules of grammar, all that can come later. Writing is an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, our environment, and our families. While writing is a singular activity there is power in sharing it with others. In the 2nd video we are encouraged to learn how to see the stories around us. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, email, a novel, or a business proposal these videos can encourage you to capture the story that will help your particular audience to understand.